Old dog, same tricks

Introduction When enterprise software gets old, should we consider it tried-and-true, or decrepit and a threat, like the superglue holding the soles of my running shoes together? Old software that’s been humming around in the background hasn’t necessarily broken, but that doesn’t mean that you can necessarily trust it; in fact there should be a […]

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Launching the GRIMM Red Team

Since GRIMM’s inception, our dedicated teams have helped build confidence in clients’ underlying security posture — largely through demonstrating the business impact of vulnerable systems during client engagements. GRIMM teams have covered functional areas in Application Security, Cyber-Physical (aka CyPhy), Tailored Software, Training, and CISO-level consulting. Many of GRIMM’s client engagements include an element of

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SCYTHE Goes Atomic

The SCYTHE team is excited to announce that our latest release gives you the power of Atomic Red Team with all the automation and ease of use of the SCYTHE platform. Plus, you can now create and share your own SCYTHE threats allowing the ecosystem of adversary simulation to expand via the community! What’s new in version 2.4? Signature

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Understanding the Real Cost of Pen Testing, Red Teaming and Blue Teaming

The void in the cybersecurity workforce is compounding the level of risk faced by enterprises. The global shortage of skilled security workers could reach 1.8 million in the next five years according to the Center for Cyber Safety and Education. Contrast this with plans to boost security teams hiring by at least 15 percent in the

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