Launching the GRIMM Red Team

Since GRIMM’s inception, our dedicated teams have helped build confidence in clients’ underlying security posture -- largely through demonstrating the business impact of vulnerable systems during client engagements. GRIMM teams have covered functional areas in Application Security, Cyber-Physical (aka CyPhy), Tailored Software, Training, and CISO-level consulting. Many of GRIMM’s client engagements include an element of campaign-style adversarial security assessments to fully demonstrate the security risks inherent in underlying networks and systems -- that is, a Red Teaming engagement embedded within a broader security assessment.

Up to this year, GRIMM has been able to manage Red Team engagements as a part of other offerings -- that is now changing. Client demand has increased enough for GRIMM to now offer a dedicated Red Team platform, service, and leadership. This overall service enhancement builds upon a model that has worked so well for GRIMM -- support and grow proven capabilities that offer world-class service for clients.

With the dedicated Red Team offering, we enhance our adversarial testing and network penetration services for both current and new clients. As much as GRIMM enjoys referring and passing work to security peers, the expected client benefit is less waiting time for a GRIMM engagement and faster understanding of where exploitable vulnerabilities exist against a particular set of practices (i.e., adversarial tools, techniques, and procedures).

The GRIMM team is pleased to provide an established Red Team service to our clients.