Tailored Software

GRIMM’s tailored software capabilities provide custom solutions that integrate with existing platforms and improve situational awareness.

GRIMM’s tailored software team develops security capabilities to meet unique organizational needs. Using modern Agile and CI/CD techniques, we can build any security software solution needed for your organization.

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CNO Custom Tools

System Frameworks

Endpoint Collection & Detection

Network Communications

Encryption & Data Protection

Embedded Application

System Integrations

Data Analysis

Our team has demonstrated expertise in offensive CNO tool suits, including exploitation and access tools, shell code, implant operation, hiding and command and control, and encryption.

GRIMM developers and engineers have the experience and expertise to meet your unique development and data processing needs.

  • Hardware Reverse Engineering & Vulnerability Research

  • Professional Engineering Services

  • Tailored Software Development

  • Red Team / Penetration Testing

  • Application Security

  • Training

  • Consulting

GRIMM couples our technical expertise with a business acumen focused on government and industry cybersecurity trends, helping our clients increase the cyber resilience of their systems and products.

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