Banking, Finance & Blockchain

GRIMM conducts blackbox/whitebox testing to evaluate areas of threats and weaknesses in banking and financial systems.

The banking and financial services industry is seeing significant disruption with the onset of blockchain. The ledger technology has endless uses, from medical and financial data sharing to anti-money laundering monitoring and encrypted messaging platforms. Its inherently decentralized nature makes it the perfect technology for cybersecurity.

The GRIMM approach helps clients better understand their security risks by identifying fraud, theft, and susceptibility to data breaches by discovering vulnerabilities in applications, embedded systems, and networks. GRIMM's expertise in smart contracts, encryption, custom cryptography, and blockchain technologies position GRIMM as one of the go-to security firms for design evaluation and implementation review.

Blockchain Uses Beyond Cryptocurrency

Since blockchains track data and keep it secure, they make our everyday interactions with technology more accountable. In addition to making Bitcoin transactions happen, blockchain technology powers:

Money transfers

Stock investments

Sports betting

Real estate

Business agreements

Cloud storage

Online purchases

The Internet of Things

At GRIMM, we're very committed to raising the barrier of defense so that the entire industry can better defend itself. For each engagement in the highly regulated financial sector, GRIMM puts together a skilled team of security researchers, engineers, and consultants to customize solutions and provide operationally sound client recommendations.
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