Providing State-of-the-Art Solutions

GRIMM is uniquely organized to solve complex cybersecurity problems. We help clients understand how to protect and defend systems, networks, and devices at every stage of development.

GRIMM Advanced Transportation Mobility

Advanced Transportation Mobility

GRIMM’s connected mobility teams perform vulnerability assessments and provide technical recommendations for systems within the transportation sector; this includes aerospace, automotive, drones / flying robotics, shipping, heavy trucking, and general transit.

Application Security

GRIMM’s application security capabilities identify design and implementation vulnerabilities that may be exploited to cause damage to the enterprise (e.g., data loss).

GRIMM Application Security
GRIMM Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

GRIMM experts will help you stay ahead of your adversaries by tailoring a cyber threat landscape to your unique business environment.

Red Team / Penetration Testing

GRIMM's Red Team offering provides adversarial campaign-styled approaches useful in testing and assessing organizational controls.

GRIMM Red Team/Penetration Testing
GRIMM Security Management Solutions

Security Management Solutions

GRIMM helps executives and organizations understand cybersecurity risk and the potential impact on business.

GRIMM Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop Exercises

Cybersecurity tabletop exercises provide incident scenarios tailored to your unique environment and operational needs.

Tailored Software

GRIMM’s tailored software capabilities provides custom solutions that integrate with existing platforms and improve situational awareness.

GRIMM Tailored Software
GRIMM Technical Training and Education

Technical Training and Education

GRIMM offers over 10 ready-to-go courseware across the disciplines of Vulnerability Research, OS internals, and Exploitation. GRIMM’s technical training practice leverages real-world knowledge based on operational expertise.

Threat Hunting

GRIMM's threat hunting quickly detects threats to help increase an organizations’ collective security posture.

GRIMM Threat Hunting
GRIMM Threat Modeling

Threat Modeling

Threat modeling evaluates risks, threats, and vulnerabilities for cybersecurity teams looking to protect their organization and assets.

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