Medical Devices & Healthcare

GRIMM performs end-to-end security assessments to identify vulnerabilities in Medical IT and Healthcare systems before attackers exploit them


Healthcare organizations already stretched to the brink are using connected medical devices that hackers are targeting for inherent vulnerabilities so they can penetrate the network.

External and internal actors threaten the healthcare industry. Internal threats from human error, such as erroneous data entry, improperly disposing of sensitive information, or unintentional carelessness and the complexity of technical vulnerabilities from the operational environment make cybersecurity protection an intricate problem to solve.

Healthcare Regulation

The result of a cyber attack on a healthcare organization can be overwhelming. However, regulation is helping to improve healthcare cybersecurity. In the US, HIPAA regulation focuses on two main objectives:

  • Security

    Outlines how patient data must be kept secure

  • Privacy

    Outlines how authorized people should only access patient data for authorized purposes

In addition to testing workforce susceptibility to phishing or improper file transfer or handling, our skilled team of security researchers, engineers, and consultants work hand in hand in customizing technical and policy solutions and recommendations for clients.

This helps clients better understand their security risk by identifying the internal and external threats, including hardware, firmware, and software of medical devices, networks/infrastructure, applications, and the workforce itself.

GRIMM also offers business and industry consultation services in healthcare with a robust understanding of this highly regulated environment.
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