Transportation Sector

Protecting Automotive, Aerospace, Drones, Maritime Organizations, and Railways from IT and OT Threats

GRIMM evaluates the ability to predict, detect, protect, and respond to cybersecurity threats in transportation. GRIMM also develops and teaches advanced courseware for prominent security certification providers on automotive and control system security.

The transportation sector is particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks because of an inherent dependence on technology.

Secure and Reliable Systems Keep Transportation Flowing 

To understand how to secure a vehicle, truck, plane, drone, or tank, GRIMM experts believe we must thoroughly understand how the system or system-within-a-system is intended to work. For that reason, most of our engineering team, dedicated to the transportation sector, hails from automotive and aviation developer roles.

big trucks

Our transportation sector team researches and develops proofs of concept for the physical systems as well as the system’s connectivity:

Application Testing

CAN communications

Cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, RF Communication

Cloud Testing

Design Review

Electric Vehicles

Embedded systems


Infotainment / Telematics

Mobile Application Testing

Security Architecture Review

Tabletop Exercises

Technical Consulting

V2V, V2I, V2X, ITS


Working with manufacturers, vendors, insurers, end-users, including the U.S. military, autonomous software manufacturers, and consumer advocacy groups, we help our clients view their vehicle networks through the eyes of malicious hackers. In addition, our ability to blend an engineering perspective assists our automotive clients in safely developing and deploying their fleets of connected and automated vehicles. Are you interested in a demo to train your workforce?

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