The walls have ears

Modern business often relies heavily on the Internet and software resources such as Zoom or Skype to support daily operations. Use of such systems often requires additional hardware resources like microphones and cameras. Advances in computing has provided a pathway for these very ordinary hardware commodities to develop into resources that enrich user experience through […]

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Patrick Miller joins GRIMM as Director of Software Security

Patrick Miller was brought into GRIMM because he has the experience to help organizations understand what they need to do to stay safe, and help them do it. As Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Microsoft said, “every company is now a software company.” It’s not a matter of companies necessarily producing software, but

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GRIMM Summer Internships

GRIMM 2020 Summer Internships

Program History The GRIMM Intern program began three years ago. Interns work on billable client and research projects. Additionally, past Interns worked on the development of GRIMM’s “Howdy Neighbor”, a portable Capture the Flag competition built entirely around hacking Home Automation devices. Howdy Neighbor is one of GRIMM’s go-to, hands-on demonstrations at conferences across the

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