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public-private partnership

The power of public-private partnerships

By: Jennifer Tisdale Public-Private Partnerships (P3) are often thought of in terms of large-scale, long-term relationships between a government agency and a private business, in which the private business provides a service or an asset to the government while also carrying the burden of financial risk. This commonly occurs in terms of real estate when […]

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A man writing code in his office

No Hardware, No Problem: Emulation and Exploitation

Vulnerability Hunting for Sport If you’ve been following our blog, you might notice some favoritism when it comes to embedded targets… We’ve been exploring the NETGEAR R7000 for several blog posts. This pattern stems from a number of product characteristics, one of which is that the device is easy to emulate in QEMU, which provides an alternative to testing the

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The walls have ears

Modern business often relies heavily on the Internet and software resources such as Zoom or Skype to support daily operations. Use of such systems often requires additional hardware resources like microphones and cameras. Advances in computing has provided a pathway for these very ordinary hardware commodities to develop into resources that enrich user experience through

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