Cyber-physical ranges built by GRIMM experts are used to demonstrate attacks on critical infrastructure in real-time.

Connecting the Dots for Connected Security

By: Naki Carter It is undeniable that organizations, government agencies, and critical infrastructure providers face evolving cyber threats with increased volume and complexity. Securing your organization’s information and assets requires the right amount of effort focused on appropriate areas. Cyber-Physical Systems Security According to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), “Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) […]

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The walls have ears

Modern business often relies heavily on the Internet and software resources such as Zoom or Skype to support daily operations. Use of such systems often requires additional hardware resources like microphones and cameras. Advances in computing has provided a pathway for these very ordinary hardware commodities to develop into resources that enrich user experience through

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DJI Privacy Analysis Validation

Given the recent controversy with DJI drones, a defense and public safety technology vendor sought to investigate the privacy implications of DJI drones within the Android DJI GO 4 application. To conduct their analysis, the vendor partnered with Synacktiv who performed an in-depth dynamic and static analysis of the application. Their analysis discovered four main causes of concern within

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SOHO Device Exploitation

SOHO Device Exploitation After a long day of hard research, it’s fun to relax, kick back, and do something easy. While modern software development processes have vastly improved the quality of commercial software as compared to 10-15 years ago, consumer network devices have largely been left behind. Thus, when it’s time for some quick fun

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Blockchain Technology

Financial technology (Fintech) has a long history of innovation, but there have been interesting changes now that Bitcoin has demonstrated the possibility of having a trustworthy system even when dealing with untrusted parties. It has taken Bitcoin quite a few years to earn the level of trust and acceptance it has today, but it serves

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