Hack the capitol 2023

GRIMM is a founding sponsor of ICS Village and we’re working on a ton of cool stuff for Hack the Capitol 6.0! This is the sixth installment of our free, two-day-long, multi-track event designed to educate congressional staffers, scholars, and the press on some of the most significant cybersecurity challenges facing our nation today, particularly […]

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cybersecurity culture

Embracing a Culture of Cybersecurity

Authors: GRIMM CEO Jennifer Tisdale and Senior Principal Researcher Matt Carpenter Cyber adversaries are becoming more skilled — and more ruthless. Cybersecurity Ventures projects global cybercrime costs to grow by 15 percent per year over the next five years, reaching $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Given the scope and scale of what’s at stake, companies

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penetration testing

Questions to ask your penetration testing partner

Contributor: Skip Duckwall A penetration test doesn’t stop at simply uncovering vulnerabilities: it goes the next step to actively exploit those vulnerabilities to prove (or disprove) real-world attack vectors against an organization’s IT assets, data, and users. Below, we’ll discuss questions to ask (and what answers to look for) when evaluating a pen testing company.

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