Cyber-physical ranges built by GRIMM experts are used to demonstrate attacks on critical infrastructure in real-time.

Connecting the Dots for Connected Security

By: Naki Carter It is undeniable that organizations, government agencies, and critical infrastructure providers face evolving cyber threats with increased volume and complexity. Securing your organization’s information and assets requires the right amount of effort focused on appropriate areas. Cyber-Physical Systems Security According to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), “Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) […]

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Old dog, same tricks

Introduction When enterprise software gets old, should we consider it tried-and-true, or decrepit and a threat, like the superglue holding the soles of my running shoes together? Old software that’s been humming around in the background hasn’t necessarily broken, but that doesn’t mean that you can necessarily trust it; in fact there should be a

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SOHO Device Exploitation

SOHO Device Exploitation After a long day of hard research, it’s fun to relax, kick back, and do something easy. While modern software development processes have vastly improved the quality of commercial software as compared to 10-15 years ago, consumer network devices have largely been left behind. Thus, when it’s time for some quick fun

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