Internet of Things

GRIMM pushes the discovery of security flaws and thinking for both practitioners and the public through practical vulnerability demonstrations in IoT

Governments, businesses, citizens - we all rely on the increasing number of connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) every single day. Like the transportation sector, and critical infrastructure, the security of IoT devices implicates an individual’s safety and privacy. The IoT team focuses on conducting security assessments of the hardware, firmware, and software of IoT devices, as well as its communication links, and encryption. As security of IoT devices has historically been an afterthought, many vendors need assistance with design and implementation review, source code or binary review, in addition to vulnerability assessments of the device itself. Like in many of our other practices, GRIMM believes helping vendors and manufacturers, as well as consumers, understand that developing and ultimately buying secure IoT devices common to an everyday household is best served by a demonstration. “Howdy Neighbor” is GRIMM’s IoT capture the flag-like competition, with more than thirty IoT challenges including webcams, toasters, smoke detectors, power meters, HVAC systems, sprinklers, video game consoles, locks, and light bulbs. More than just showing folks how your Nest smart thermostat can take over your home, Howdy Neighbor actually demonstrates the problem and raises awareness to help train the general public on the importance of IoT device security. Interested in your own demo? Contact us to discuss if we can help!